This was published in Nature Medication.

According to Professor Masaki Fukata, Chemical substance chaperone treatment centered on correcting the misfolding in proteins has been tried in inherited illnesses including cystic fibrosis and lysosome disease. This is the first for chemical substance chaperones to be employed as a therapeutic option for epilepsy. The same therapeutic strategy may also be of benefit to epilepsy due to genetic mutations apart from LGI1 gene. We propose a novel therapeutic technique for epilepsy. .. Chemical chaperone: A new therapeutic option for epilepsy Chemical chaperones correct the misfolding of the mutant protein Researchers discovered that the conformational defect in a particular protein causes Autosomal Dominant Lateral Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which really is a form of familial epilepsy.This creates so-called hybridomas, which make mono-clonal antibodies. Many researchers believed that by this invention the issue of lack of specificity was finally solved. But quite contrary: Genuine monoclonal antibodies have frequently several specific-ities, hybridomas can secrete more than one antibody, plus they can die, resulting in an irreversible loss of an antibody, permanently. Inadequate characterization by the manufacturer, lack of documentation by the manufacturer, but also by the experts about which antibody they precisely used compound the issue – – with the results that many antibodies do not recognize their presumed focus on molecule, that experiments fail or are not reproducible.e., based on artificially assembled DNA.