The Phnom Penh Post reviews.

Cambodian Government programs to use drivers license tests to raise HIV/AIDS awareness In an effort to increase HIV/AIDS awareness among drivers – – particularly professional truck drivers, a lot of whom visit commercial sex workers while on the road – – the Cambodian government programs to add questions about the condition to the driver’s license exam administered by the Ministry of Community Works and Transport, the Phnom Penh Post reviews cialis goedkoop bestellen . The test later this year includes approximately 12 questions about HIV/AIDS. The ministry receives about 2,000 applications for licenses monthly, Keo Savin of the Land Transport Department said, adding there are 1.14 million registered motorbikes and cars and 405,00 registered motorists in Cambodia.

Programs like Soccer for Achievement have been a big win, said Fortunato. The U.S. Soccer Foundation's free after-school soccer program combines both exercise and nutrition education. It's the first citywide after-school program in Camden. Campbell announced the Campbell Healthy Communities program in 2011 supported by a $10-million, 10-year investment to reduce Camden's childhood obesity rate by half by concentrating on four areas: access to healthy and fresh foods; usage of safe places to play, exercise and walk; nourishment education – prenatal to adult; and building public will within the grouped community to advance real solutions.