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That is just the first step for the New York government’s ‘HIPAA’ committee, whose single purpose is normally to ‘illegally get and gain access to the private medical information of potentially an incredible number of NY State Citizens.’ of your views on firearms ownership Regardless, such actions are chilling absolutely. It puts the federal government in the positioning of violating doctor-patient confidentiality for the purpose of the state determining who suffers from ‘mental health’ issues that the state uses to justify nearly every action it desires to consider. This is simply not a gun rights issue, this is an individual rights issue. If a state government can seize all records from all psychiatrists simply, then it can also use that given information to choose whose children to took away by CPS.Jesse Goodman, who oversees the Food and Drug Administration’s swine flu function, told The Associated Press. As health officials moved to try to slow the pass on of the brand new virus, U.S. Agriculture officials suggested it could be smart to change its name from swine flu in order to avoid the misconception that pork items may be affected. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack highlights that the virus is not food-borne and provides nothing in connection with consuming pork. Vilsack says he’s worried that misunderstandings could have a negative impact on farmers. With pork prices falling, today to point out that not a single hog in the U government officials visited great lengths.S. Has tested positive for the virus, reports Cordes.