End The Neglect blog reviews on the Brazilian Ministry of Wellness&39 how to use it.

Blog describes attempts to combat NTDs in Brazil The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Illnesses' ‘End The Neglect’ blog reviews on the Brazilian Ministry of Wellness's start of ‘a public wellness advertising campaign to diagnose and deal with soil-transmitted helminths and leprosy in school-aged kids’ and says it’ll feature stories linked to the fight NTDs in Brazil more than the coming times. ‘Current attempts by the Brazilian Ministry of Wellness show significant decrease in the prevalence of leprosy how to use it click here . A study done nation-wide demonstrated a 25.9 % reduced amount of new cases between 2001 and 2011, going from 45,874 to 33,955 new cases,’ your blog notes, adding, ‘The Global Network is excited to utilize Brazil in its efforts towards achieving the elimination of leprosy in the united states’ .


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