CLC bio releases groundbreaking whole-genome de assembler novo Today.

CLC bio releases groundbreaking whole-genome de assembler novo Today, CLC bio released a groundbreaking whole-genome de novo assembler which will assemble genomes of any size, including human and plant genomes on a single workstation computer. Director of Scientific Software Advancement at CLC bio, Dr. By empowering scientists around the global globe with this technology, the number and size of de novo assembly projects will increase . In accordance with our cross-platform strategy, we will support all the upcoming Third Era Sequencing technologies also, so our customers can reap the entire benefits of all the exciting technological developments of the future.


Results are shown in interactive web based views, that may automatically link to additional annotation from metabolic pathway databases, open public databases, and scientific literature. As the process is smooth and intuitive, principal investigators or researchers can perform all activities without requiring support from IT, thus accelerating the pace of research. ‘Using this software helps make our research much more manageable and transparent, and we are better able to mine the rich and deep data at our disposal,’ said Hakon Hakonarson, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Center for Applied Genomics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.