Female genital cutting.

At age 18 Examines efforts to genital cutting in Kenya endtry The Christian Science Monitor on Thursday examined challenges by proponents, female genital cutting, female genital mutilation or female genital mutilation or female circumcision, as well as young people try to avoid the curb face practice in places where it is common. According to the monitor, changing the cultural practices – the more common in some countries in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. Can be a difficult process, even in a fairly affluent and well-educated country like Kenya, .

Although research shows that genital mutilation worldwide to thousands of miscarriage and maternal mortality contributes annually many Kenyans many Kenyans, the practice has health benefits and teaches young women about pregnancy, parenting, relationships with men , and ‘right behavior within the clans,’the Monitor reports.. Kenya circumcision 1982 and 1989 1982 and 1989, but a 1998 Ministry of Health survey showed that more than half of women over 35 years old and approximately 38 percent of young women aged 15 to 19 had subjected to FGM. Among the Masai, the practice is even more common – about 89 percent. Continue reading