Appendix and rectum.

It is because of the good reason that the traditional diet is rich in fiber content and lower in fats. Alcohol: Taking alcohol is thought to be the cause of an early arrival of tumor. People acquiring 45 grams of alcohol per day are at an increased risk of developing a cancer than the people who consider 30 grams of alcohol per day. Smoking: People who have been cigarette smoking for a long period will develop colorectal cancer than the people who do not smoke at all. Studies show that inhaling or consuming tobacco produces carcinogens in the colon. Tobacco may also greatly increase how big is the polyps present in the colon. Diet: A balanced diet that is abundant with its dietary fiber contents and low in cholesterol and fats is believed to reduce the threat of developing colorectal cancers to a large extent.Related StoriesSurgical startup seeks financing to build digital reality schooling libraryGenetic carrier screening: an interview with Don Hardison, CEO of Great Begin GeneticsDiabetic retinopathy therapy improvements: an interview with Richard Kirk, CEO of PolyphotonixAlthough it really is clear that lots of industries remain on a rollercoaster trip, there are positive symptoms that the overall economy and job market could be stabilizing soon.