Anti-AIDS gel shows promise By Dr Ananya Mandal.

There were side effects in a few people and more study is needed to figure out whether the treatment is prepared for release to the public. Dr. However, researchers think unprotected anal sex is a lot more risky. This the first stage of the trial with the gel. Generally a drug undergoes three phases before it could get authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Researchers tested tenofovir gel, the oral tenofovir pill and a placebo gel in 18 HIV-negative individuals who abstained from sex. The investigators had taken little samples of cells from the rectums of the volunteers, and sent those to a laboratory where these were tested to see how they defended themselves against HIV virus.The system’s advanced workflows, simplicity, and flexibility belies the charged power and sophistication within the merchandise. MedVentive provides a true collaborative partner who can help us build another era model for accountable health care – one in which information technology is normally leveraged in a meaningful method to improve data-sharing and connection, and thereby allowing focus on constant quality improvement which involves our whole community and promotes best practices. We are looking forward to working with Clarian Health System. It is thrilling to partner with such a progressive wellness system that provides visionary leadership to the healthcare community and to help them implement a genuine collaborative, network-wide alternative that will drive real meaningful modification, says Dr.